I had the chance to develop a wide network and to enhance my personal and technical skills through different positions of supervision and management in companies of various sizes. Today, I am very comfortable to be part of major projects where I can give free rein to my multidisciplinary skills in risk analysis, needs analysis, architecture, design and even in team supervision.

I like to evolve in agile environments with a great awareness of the quality of products developed and continuous improvement initiatives and I really like to integrate these concepts in young companies that only have a limited time and narrow skills. I am looking for innovative backgrounds and offering myself many personal challenges to surpass myself.

You have a project in free software for a non-profit organization ?
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2020 - Present
Kraken'J, Grenoble (France)

kraken'J is a subsidiary of FJNR

Co-Founder & CEO

2018 - Present
FJNR - 9371-3378 Québec Inc, Montréal

Lead manager

January 2017 - September 2017
HomeBeaver, Montréal

Supervision of a team of 11 people made up of software developers, researchers and customer support agent.

In charge of quality assurance and the implementation of a Scrum methodology:
- Integration of a Scrum approach
- Management of sprint planning and review

Analysis of internal needs and studies of different ideas for improvement.
- Maintaining Priorities Between the CTO and the Development Team
- Code review for some services
- QA review of the sprints deliverables

Design and analysis for larger projects.


Juin 2016 - Décembre 2016
Joii, Montréal

Internal solution development:
- Billing API based on Stripe
- Corporate website for sales management (software in SAAS mode) and user accounts
- Promotional website

Deploying and configuring the internal infrastructure:
- ODOO service
- MédiaWiki
- SSL, DNS, access permissions, backups managements

Here is a promotional video of the Centech made by the BNC where the CEO of Joii thanks me for my involvement (1:08)

Software consultant

April 2016 - July 2016
Homebeaver, Montréal

Development of a web application create samples of test data.

Creation of a test bench using a Raspberry pi to control an electric pump from the GPIO module and sampling data provided at the input of the system.

Verification and internal documentation of the software deliverables of the subcontractors (acceptance test through a simulation environment).

Analysis of the needs and environment of a customer. Design of an architecture to adapt our module to its existing infrastructure while continuing to take the project improvements initially developed by Homebeaver.

Research assistant

January 2016 - April 2016
Maison Logiciel Libre (ÉTS), Montréal

Mentoring of several volunteer teams as part of contributions on free software projects.

Initiation and support of several free software projects with social issues for Montreal associations.

- Introduction to the world of free software and open source
- Introduction to free software best practices
- Introduction to the different ways to contribute
- Help volunteer to develop with Python, Django, PHP, SQL, GIT, JS
- Integrations with CI tools: Travis, Coveralls, Waffle

Promotion of the entity to business partners
Participation in Meetup Groups
Organization of collaborative event (Hacknight, contribution day, meeting with the client)

Software consultat

January 2016 - April 2016
Centech (ÉTS), Montréal

Mentoring of a student as part of his internship at Centech.
Customer Needs Analysis and Solution Formulation.
Code Review and Continuous Improvements.
User interface analysis and design.


Here is a list of free software project that I maintain or have developed in the past.

Volontaria - Volontaria is a free software web-platform that allows organizations to simplify the involvement and management of their volunteers. The platform allows, among other things, to provide time slots where volunteers can register to support the efforts of the organization.
Sous-Chef [Retired] - Sous-Chef is a free software web platform that helps organizations plan and deliver meals and manage customer files.


Python & Django

Django Rest Framework


Gestion scrum